The evaluation of the Concept and simulations was an iterative process. The following steps were used to accomplish the evaluation:
1. Taxi 2000 provided the Concept documentation and simulation software for evaluation.
2. Honeywell analyzed the documentation/simulations and provided Taxi 2000 a written response with a summary of findings including potential and/or unanswered issues.
3. In response, Taxi 2000 provided further written comments and/or documentation.
4. Steps 2 and 3 of the process were repeated until all aspects of the Concept and simulations were addressed to Honeywell's satisfaction.

The Concept was originally documented in 1991. Honeywell's first report related to the feasibility study was based on that document. Following the first deliverable, Taxi 2000 provided a revised Concept document that addressed some of the issues raised by Honeywell. Further issues and their resolution were noted in Honeywell's second report. This report gives the final status of all issues raised during the entire evaluation period.

In November 2006 an on-site visit was made to Taxi 2000 to understand and run the Alpha system and the TrakEdit simulation. Honeywell also obtained a copy of the TrakEdit simulation for further evaluation. The results of evaluating the simulations were included as an appendix to their final report and used to draw their final conclusion on the overall Concept evaluation.

2.1 Technical Opinion
After a thorough evaluation of the Concept, Honeywell concludes there are no conceptual flaws in the current version of the Taxi 2000 control system. This conclusion is based on the assumption that all physical subsystems of the Skyweb Express system are capable of achieving the stated performance parameters.