Taxi 2000 (T2) Corporation
8050 University Avenue N.
Fridley, MN 55432 USA

Phone: 763.717.4310

  How Can P2P Transportation Enhance your Community?

P2P transportation rivaling the
convenience of a car.... Learn More

Green Transportation Solution
Skyweb Express is estimated to save
4,617 pounds of CO2 per driver per
year.... Learn More

Revitalizing/Reinvigorating Cities
Cities seeking vitality are in need of transportation that provides people with
the same service they get from their cars.... Learn More

Takes Cars Off the Road
Skyweb Express can remove over 60,000 vehicle trips per hour from congested
roads .... Learn More

Delivers Cost-Benefits
In a recent feasibility study, Wilbur Smith and Associates estimated the revenue generated by the ridership on Skyweb Express covered 100% of the projected operating costs.