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  SkyWeb Express -
System & Company Overview:
A narrated 2.5 minute video with animations and images that provides an overview of the Taxi 2000 SkyWeb Express system, its features and benefits, and the company. View Video

SkyWeb Express - Boarding & Exiting:This 1 minute video shows a passenger boarding, riding, and exiting the SkyWeb Express Phase 1 Prototype. As part of the boarding process the passenger swipes his fare card and enters the destination station code in the stanchion on the boarding station, enters the car, sits down, and presses the Go button on the car's control console. After arriving at the destination
station, the door opens automatically,
and the passenger exits the car and
station. View Video

SkyWeb Express Simulation -
This video shows a working Skyweb Express system layout created by Taxi 2000's professional network layout and control system. This simulation uses the actual operation control system to show passengers embarking, vehicles accelerating, vehicles decelerating, and passengers disembarking. It also shows vehicles responding to the actual merge and diverge areas on the network. The yellow diamonds indicate passenger stations, the green dots indicate empty vehicles and the red dots indicate vehicles with passengers
View Video

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